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Case Study - Nurse Advisor

This case study is part of the Recruitment Series which aims to provide insight to potential Apodi employees. In this case study, we are talking to Ian Williamson who works with us as a Nurse Advisor.

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Ian Williamson


Nurse Advisor


April 2022

Job Title

Family Liaison Nurse

Career to date

I joined Apodi in April 2022 as a nurse advisor, having had a successful career in the NHS and the RAF. I then worked for two private healthcare companies.

What attracted you to the role at Apodi?

An ex-colleague told me about the opportunity that Apodi had available. The new role sounded exciting so I researched Apodi as a company and looked closely at the job description and website in order to find out more. All my interactions reinforced the fact that Apodi was a quality company that cared about its patients, customers and employees. The role itself was very exciting as it was supporting patients and their families in a completely new area of gene therapy.

What is the role of a Family Liaison Nurse?

“...The people at Apodi are really friendly and genuine.”

The role of the Family Liaison Nurse is to support families through the treatment of their children with gene therapy. Every family is different and has different needs and concerns. My role is to support them in any way they need, whether that’s further information or practical help. I provide telephone, video and one to one support to the families that are referred to me. Initially I work with them doing a needs assessment and then provide ongoing support after the therapy has been administered to the 12-month point post therapy.

What do you like about Apodi?

I like working at Apodi because I really enjoy the role that I do but also because of the environment I work in. The people at Apodi are really friendly and genuine. It’s easy to understand who to go to, and all the senior people have reached out to me since I’ve started offering support and asking for feedback, if I have good ideas or need help. Much of my time to date has been working from home but I’m planning to go to more meetings in the office now.

I would definitely say that working with Apodi is straightforward and things run smoothly. The atmosphere feels inclusive and family orientated and everyone has been welcoming and friendly.

Do Apodi support you in your work-life balance goals?

At Apodi I think the work life balance is good. The job requires autonomous working but we are encouraged to manage work and life commitments in harmony, it’s always a balance but we are trusted to get the balance right.

Does Apodi support your continual professional and personal development needs?

Absolutely! Even at this stage in my career I’ve got a training development plan which started with my induction plan.

What are your future aspirations?

It’s really early days for me yet, to talk about future aspirations and Apodi. I have been a nurse advisor for a while and have had some leadership responsibility historically. In the future I would like to return to having a leadership role which could be part of the existing project I’m working on or another one. I’m really interested in being involved in the development of further innovative programmes and hoping as it’s such a new environment that opportunities will open up for me at Apodi.

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