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Case Study - Nurse Advisor

This case study is part of the Recruitment Series which aims to provide insight to potential Apodi employees. In this case study, we are talking to Chris Collier who works as a Nurse Project Manager for Apodi.

Case Study - Nurse Project Manager Mugshot


Chris Collier


Nurse Project Manager


Jan 2016

Job Title

Nursing Project Manager

Career to date

I started my nursing career at Stoke Mandeville hospital and was chemotherapy nurse before I joined a home care company where I practised and managed a team of oncology nurses in London and the South East of England.

What attracted you to the role at Apodi?

After a few years, I was looking for new challenges and was offered a role at Apodi on an oncology project where I could use my clinical skills. The recruitment process was very friendly and I met the key managers I would work with early in this process. Additionally, Apodi’s head office was in Maidenhead which was great because I lived relatively near there.

What is the role of a Nursing Project Manager?

“...Right from the very beginning, I was made to feel very welcome at Apodi .”

This is a very varied role which is great. I look after a number of projects and the nurses that work on them. Being the project manager means I am involved in all aspects of the clinical programme delivery and the reporting needed for each client. I also hold the position of safeguarding lead for Apodi and am the registered manager for RQIA. Overall, I am expected to manage the projects to ensure the best outcomes for patients, clients and Apodi.

What do you like about Apodi?

Right from the very beginning, I was made to feel very welcome at Apodi. I really enjoy the variety of the different projects that we work on and the types of roles that I get involved in as we design new projects. I have over time, been able to develop more commercial management skills. I do find as a professional you get listened to and it’s easy to communicate with the senior management, whose accessibility is good. There are no hoops to get through in order to talk to the right people. I’m often asked for my opinions which is great and feel that I have the ability to influence the operational design of projects ensuring that we build them and operate to the highest standards.

Do Apodi support you in your work-life balance goals?

I’d say my work-life balance is better than it’s ever been historically. But it’s always about balance, it’s about give and take. The environment that we work in is very open and I feel it’s a very grown-up way of working, which I enjoy. Overall, all I’d say I really enjoy my job and Apodi is a good place to work.

Does Apodi support your continual professional and personal development needs?

I always feel I have the opportunity to drive my continual professional development in the areas that I am most interested in. Aside from clinical development, I have also been fortunate to take part in the Project Management Academy at Apodi which has been really useful for building my leadership and commercial skills.

What are your future aspirations?

As Apodi continues to grow I’d really like to have a position which is Head of Nursing in the organisation that would oversee clinical policy and procedure and best practice in the projects that we run. I would see this as a natural extension to the role I do now, but it’s a role that would ensure that our ethos of being patient-centric, caring about our patients’ experience, and getting the best outcomes for our clients is maintained as we grow.

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