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Case Study - Nurse Specialist Manager

This case study is part of the Recruitment Series which aims to provide insight to potential employees. In this case study we were talking to Laura Spink who works at Apodi as a Nurse Specialist and Manager.

Case Study - Nurse Specialist Manager Mugshot


Laura Spink


Nurse Advisor and Manager


Oct 2021

Job Title

Nurse Specialist / Manager

Career to date

I started my career in the NHS as an oncology and haematology nurse. I then moved into the private sector and worked with a company that provided support in the patients’ homes for patients with breast and prostate cancer.

What attracted you to the role at Apodi?

I was approached by the Apodi recruitment team about my current role. It came at a time when I was feeling the need for a change due to structural changes in my old company. The Apodi role combined management and clinical skills, both of which are very important to me. The Apodi recruitment team were extremely approachable and friendly. The whole process from the start to when I met my hiring manager was relaxed and informative and gave me the confidence to make the move to Apodi.

What is the role of a Nurse Specialist and Manager?

“...I love my job. I love the technical side of it and I always get really great satisfaction from the management side.”

This is a combination of both nursing and leadership. I love both parts of this job. Typically in the first part of the week I run clinics in my local district hospital, where I have an excellent relationship with the clinical team. I enjoy the patient interaction and supporting them and their family through their disease process and their patient journey. The latter part of my week is devoted to managing and supporting the other nurses who work on this project with me. This can be working in a new clinic with the team members, supporting new starters, doing performance reviews and running team meetings, as just a few examples!

What do you like about Apodi?

I love my job. I love the technical clinical side of it and I always get really great satisfaction from the management side. At Apodi I feel listened to too and feel that any suggestions I have to improve the service we offer are taken seriously and innovation is encouraged. I also love the ethos of the company that puts patients at the centre of what we do. I find everybody at Apodi is very approachable and I really feel part of the team. I feel fully involved in the project from a clinical perspective and also from a project management perspective and I’m often involved in project reviews with the sponsoring client. I really appreciate that my clinical expertise is sought and used.

Do Apodi support you in your work-life balance goals?

I think everybody at Apodi knows what needs to be done in their job and works hard to achieve it. But I feel that I can flex my working environment to deal with life’s events. I feel that the trust is there to do the job effectively and to make it work for me. It’s definitely also easier to manage work life balance issues when there is no requirement to work evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Does Apodi support your continual professional and personal development needs?

I always feel I have the opportunity to drive my continual professional development in the areas that I am most interested in. Aside from clinical development, I have also been fortunate to take part in the Project Management Academy at Apodi which has been really useful for building my leadership and commercial skills.

What are your future aspirations?

Looking forward, I am looking to develop my career as Apodi. I’d like my future roles to combine using my clinical and leadership skills. Additionally, I’d relish the opportunity to work on innovative new healthcare projects.

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