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Case Study - Project Coordinator

This case study is part of the Recruitment Series which aims to provide insight to potential Apodi employees. In this case study we are talking to Ravinder Bharma who works with us as a project coordinator in the healthcare team.

Case Study - Project Coordinator Mugshot


Ravinder Bharma


Project Coordinator


May 2019

Job Title

Project Coordinator

Career to date

Before Joining Apodi I had worked both in recruitment and retail management and I was looking for a change of direction. My CV was on a few job boards, so I was then approached by the Apodi Recruitment team to see if I was interested in a role at Apodi. The very same day I went in for an informal interview, then within a few days I had met my hiring manager for a further interview. I was in the recruitment process for another job, but the Apodi opportunity felt like it offered more.

What attracted you to the role at Apodi?

When the project coordinator role was discussed, it sounded like I would learn a lot and it would be interesting to work in the healthcare environment. I also felt that it would offer me the chance of progression within the company. I genuinely felt there were more opportunities at Apodi than the other job options on the table. It was 100% the right move!

What is the role of a Project Coordinator?

“...Everyone is helpful and there is great team work.”

It’s a really varied role involving talking to lots of different people, from managers to nurses, to clients and internal Apodi departments. I’m involved in administration, client reporting processes, setting up meetings and reporting. No day is ever the same which is great and I am really enjoying getting involved in new projects.

What do you like about Apodi?

That’s an easy question-I like the people. Everyone is helpful and there is great team work. I enjoy working on the different healthcare projects in different disease areas. We now have a hybrid working model which allows us to work both at home or in the office and I enjoy the variety of this, typically spending 2 or 3 days in the office each week.

Do Apodi support you in your work-life balance goals?

Work life balance is good. We work in an open and honest way so if I have a doctor’s appointment and need a longer lunch I just let my manager know . It’s not a problem, there is a high level of trust. Now we are back to more normal working practices, we are starting to socialise out of office hours which is really enjoyable and great for team building.

Does Apodi support your continual professional and personal development needs?

I definitely feel as if I have developed at Apodi. No question is a silly question and as I have become more confident and wanted more responsibility I have been given this, particularly with clients.

What are your future aspirations?

My aspirations are either to move into a junior project managers role or to have a role which has responsibility for all the project coordinators, and I’m sure as Apodi grows these opportunities will open up.

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