What We Do / Insight

The Apodi Insight Sprint process is an innovative service that delivers accelerated market research and analysis to provide differentiated value and drive access to medicines.

The process works by digitally engaging with multiple stakeholders over a short period of time through shared workshops and 1:1 meetings.

  • Deep Insight: Multiple Stakeholders can be accessed including HCP’s on the frontline, NHS commissioners, payers and management, opinion leaders etc..

  • Scope: projects address both local and/or national healthcare economies and can deep dive into commonality and variation across health landscapes.

  • Cost Effective: the streamlined service delivers an unbeatable combination of deep insight and value for money.

  • Digital Enabled: the Insight Sprint Service uses state of the art technology when necessary to enable remote working, promote in depth analysis of Care Pathways and brainstorm technologies. Examples of technologies used includes SMAPLY, Microsoft Teams and MIRO.

  • Evidence: a key output of the service is real world evidence and extensive qualitative data which is expertly analysed and communicated to clients.

The Apodi Insight Sprint Process